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Owner James with one of the work vans
PAT Testing is no joking matter

“Do you really need PAT Testing?” “Its a waste of money” “Money for old rope”

Heard a lot when we are on site. It is true that some testing is unnecessary and we advise the client of this when we are testing. Their Risk Assessment or insurance company may insist on it. Some landlords insist that their tenants, whether they be businesses or individuals, have all their items inspected.

We take electrical safety very seriously and the number of failed items we find that could easily cause a fire is shocking. Our experts have seen thousands of items in thousands of locations. We can usually spot a dangerous item before we start the testing procedure. The number of items that fail is usually only 1-2% of the total items tested.

We are pleased when we find a failed item, and potentially stop injury or worse to employees, members of the public, or anybody else who may have come into contact with it.

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