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Quality / Price / Speed – You choose your priority

This week, we have started a new contract in a number of schools across Devon and Cornwall for an Academy Trust.

We have been provided with indicative numbers of the numbers of items in each site that needed testing. This gave us good information for scheduling and resourcing.

What became apparent very quickly is that the previous compliance company had not been very accurate with their testing. There were a lot of items that had been tested twice, and some that had been labelled and charged for, which should not of been tested at all. For example, the 1st school we attended, we were told there were around 600 items and we found around 450.

Not only has this save the trust a lot of money, it has also given them an accurate idea of the electrical assets within their premises.

The old adage of ‘pick 2’ from Quality, Speed and Price comes to mind. If you want a job done based on Price, then there may be compromise to Quality or Speed and visa versa.

We will always provide a Quality service as the forefront of our business model.
We will always aim to complete the job in a timely and appropriate manner depending on the environments we are working in.
We will always offer a competitive price for the services we provide.

Other companies may have other business models on their priorities for winning business, but we let our reputation speak for ourselves and that is why we are the chosen local PAT Testing Company for a number of the regions highest profile companies and sites.

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